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RTC drivers refuse increase in retirement age!

RTC drivers refuse increase in retirement age!

For the last one year, the Telangana state government employees have been eagerly waiting for an announcement from chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao over the increase in their retirement age from 58 years to 61 years as promised by him in his election manifesto last year.

While KCR has not made any move in this direction till date, he made a similar promise to the employees of state road transport corporation (TSRTC) that their age of superannuation will be increased from 58 years to 60.

He asked the RTC employees to make suggestions on improving the financial health of the corporation.

He wanted them to write their suggestions on a piece of paper and drop them in the suggestion box installed at the Pragati Bhavan.

Surprisingly, many of the RTC employees reportedly rejected the offer of increase in their retirement age. They expressed their views through opinions in writing and dropping the same in the suggestion box.

Especially, drivers have told the chief minister that the increase in retirement age would not help them in any way, as they would be medically unfit to drive the buses till 60 years.

“Already, the drivers have been suffering from back ache, lack of vision, knee problems and heart troubles. Increase in the retirement age leads to health complications. Moreover, they may have to attend double duties in some days, which is causing heavy mental pressure on them,” they said.

Instead of increasing the retirement age, the RTC employees reportedly suggested to the government to implement an effective voluntary retirement scheme (VRS), so that they could retire and make way for younger drivers.

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