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KCR worried more about Revanth than Kavitha!

KCR worried more about Revanth than Kavitha!

TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao is believed to be more worried about the result of Malkajgiri Lok Sabha seat from where his arch rival and Congress firebrand leader A. Revanth Reddy contested.

TRS party sources said KCR is not much worried about the result of Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat from where his daughter Kavitha is seeking re-election.

Though all the surveys are predicting a neck-to-neck fight between BJP candidate Dharmapuri Aravind and Kavitha in Nizamabad, KCR is not laying much focus on Nizamabad but he is more concerned about Malkajgiri.

TRS party sources said KCR has been obtaining reports on pollling trend in Malkajgiri almost every day and analysing the outcome.

KCR wants Revanth to face defeat in Lok Sabha polls too like Assembly polls. KCR expects Revanth's political career to hit dead end with Malkajgiri defeat.

KCR roped in six ministers led by Harish Rao in Kodangal Assembly seat for an year to ensure Revanth's defeat and succeeded.

But Revanth has thrown a fresh challenge to KCR within four months after Assembly polls by contesting from Malkajgiri Lok Sabha seat as Congress candidate.

KCR feels that all his efforts in defeating Revanth in Assembly polls goes in vain if he is elected for Lok Sabha.

Moreover, KCR is worried that if Revanth enters national politics through Lok Sabha victory, he would be in limelight again.

KCR fears that Revanth may defame him and his family members at national level by taking up corruption issues in Lok Sabha and also with national media in Delhi frequently.

KCR is worried that Revanth will become an headache for him in Telangana politics and national politics, if he wins Malkajgiri seat.

KCR is eagerly awaiting May 23 to know the result of Malkajgiri seat than Nizamabad seat as he is confident that his daughter may win with a slight majority despite tough fight from Aravind.

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