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Jana Sainiks Also Trolling Pawan Kalyan?

Jana Sainiks Also Trolling Pawan Kalyan?

Pawan Kalyan, on Tuesday said that Jana Sena will be contesting in GHMC Elections in 60 wards out of 150. But on Friday he declared that his party is not contesting and he is going to campaign for BJP. 

This was a shocker for many of his party members and cadre. On the other hand, there is heavy trolling on social media. 

Mahesh Kathi, the political commentator, wrote on facebook, "It is ..........in the mouths of Jana Sainiks those wished to contest and it is ........in the pocket of Jana Senani. History repeats". So, the blanks have to be filled by the readers. Mahesh Kathi left it to their imagination. 

In another comment he wrote, "BJP is a religious party and Jana Sena, a Casteist party. There is no surprise in the union of the two. They are natural friends". 

Another netizen wrote, "Announcing the campaigning support without even getting any request is the height of slavery. Pawan proved he is a slave to BJP again". 

"Never expected that Pawan would stoop down to this extent. Had he contested and lost the election, he would have commanded some respect from his cadre. Jana Sena is a sinking ship. Nobody can save it". 

"...It is known that a Jana Sena member cried in front of Pawan Kalyan a couple of days ago for not getting due recognition to their efforts. Now again, the Jana Sainiks who have wished to show their might in GHMC elections were insulted in a big way by their own party head. Pawan Kalyan is the biggest betrayer of his own partymen. He never stands on his word but acts in a fickle way to imagine", an excerpt from a social media post goes like this. 

It is heard that even the Jana Sainiks are upset over this and silently lamenting within themselves. They are also trying to cover their party head's decision by saying, "ekkada neggaalo kaadu- ekkada thaggaalo telisina vaade maa naayakudu" (Our leader knows where to win and when to be silent). Many don't understand whether it is a covering statement or another trolling.

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