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Human rights violation not applicable to KCR?

Human rights violation not applicable to KCR?

Bharatiya Janata Party Telangana unit president and Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay on Tuesday refuted the allegation made by Bharat Rashtra Samithi MLC and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s daughter Kalvakuntla Kavitha that the BJP government at the Centre was trampling upon human rights in Telangana.

“Kavitha has no moral right to talk about human rights violation in the state, because it was her own father who is resorting to suppression of rights,” Sanjay said, while speaking to media after interacting with the families of the victims of bus tragedy at Kondagattu in Jagitial district as part of Praja Sangrama Yatra.

He reminded that it was KCR who had ordered removal of dharna chowk at Indira Park so as to suppress the people’s right to question his government; he threw all those who questioned the atrocities perpetrated by his government and suppressed the freedom of expression of the media.

Sanjay alleged that the KCR family and the BRS leaders were indulging in encroachments of poor people’s house sites and government lands.

“Poets, artistes and intellectuals who have raised their voice against him are being threatened. KCR even went to the extent of rewriting the Constitution of India drafted by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Is it what human rights Kavitha was talking about? Does she mean human rights are applicable only to those who hail the atrocities and corruption of Kalvakuntla family?” he asked.

On Kavitha’s charge that the BJP government was throttling the voice of media, the BJP state president wondered who had imposed ban on some television channels soon after KCR became the chief minister.

“Who has threatened to bury the media 100 feet deeper in the earth? Who is intimidating the reporters if they ask any question at his press conference? Who is controlling the media with advertisements and money?” he asked.

Reacting to the BRS MLC’s comment that his comments were hurting her, Sanjay said if she was really hurt, let her go to her father and cry on his shoulders.

He also found fault with her for saying that the eyes of Telangana womenfolk would spit fire if she was targeted by the Central agencies.

“Why should they cry, when Kavitha goes to jail in Delhi liquor scam? Why didn’t Kavitha react in a similar way when there were land encroachments, murders and atrocities on women all over the state?” he wondered.ty.

The BJP state president described KCR as an animal in human form without any humanity. It has been four years since more than 60 people died in the tragic bus accident at Kondagattu village. KCR had not called on the families of victims even once.

His government had promised to give a job to each of the victim’s family members and pension to old age people. But not a single promise was fulfilled, he pointed out.

“Many of the injured are yet to recover. None of them got any help from the government to recover completely. Now, he is talking about developing Kondagattu with Rs 100 crore, It is ridiculoys,” he said. 

He alleged that some of the family members who had gone to meet the chief minister to seek assistance were arrested and sent to jail. He promised to extend all possible help to the families if the BJP was voted to power.


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