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BRS will become non-entity soon, says party leader

BRS will become non-entity soon, says party leader

Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is unlikely to win even a single seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections next month and is expected to diminish as a significant political force in Telangana after the polls.

This prediction came from none other than a senior BRS leader – former MP and legislative council chairman Gutta Sukhender Reddy.

“The party is currently struggling. It will face a tough situation after the Lok Sabha elections,” he stated in an interview with a television channel on Saturday.

Reddy mentioned that the BRS lacks the organizational structure and strength to secure even one MP seat in the Lok Sabha elections.

“The BRS leadership has not evaluated the party's situation after the recent assembly elections, even in the constituencies where it emerged victorious,” he remarked.

The legislative council chairman expressed frustration over not being able to secure an appointment with BRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao for the last six months.

“KCR suggested that my son, Amit Reddy, should contest the Lok Sabha elections. While some BRS leaders from Nalgonda offered their support, rumors were spread about us considering changing parties. Consequently, we decided not to contest,” he explained.

Reddy also criticized KCR for resorting to verbal attacks against rival political leaders.

“This behavior is concerning and reflects poorly on the leader of a political party. The party has already faced setbacks due to the arrest of KCR’s daughter, Kavitha. He needs to embrace democratic principles if the party is to survive,” Gutta emphasized.

His remarks sparked speculation that Gutta may not remain with the BRS for long and may be considering joining the Congress when the right opportunity arises.


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