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Any Takers For KCR's National Party?

Any Takers For KCR's National Party?

On March 3, 2018, KCR convened a press conference at his sprawling Pragathi Bhavan and announced that he would forge a "Federal Front" at the national level against the Congress and BJP.

As part of this plan, he said he would be touring all the States and meeting the regional party chiefs to bring them on board the federal front.

KCR said that he will work for bringing his Federal Front to power at Centre after 2019 Lok Sabha polls to bring a qualitative change in national politics and also in the overall development, which Congress and BJP had failed to do so in their 70-year rule.

Exactly, a year later, now, i.e. on March 18, 2019, KCR has announced in Karimnagar that he will set up his own 'national party' after Lok Sabha polls, which will come to power at the Centre with the combination of all regional parties.

His statement has now become a laughing stock at both national and local level. This is because his Federal Front vanished within few months as none of the major regional parties were willing to join hands with KCR.

His "Federal Front" dream died even before celebrating the first anniversary of its formation. Now, KCR is coming up with a proposal to start a 'national party’.

Is it possible for KCR or TRS to set up a national party, while the fact remains that he or TRS is confined to just Telangana?

Moreover, a man who confines himself to Pragathi Bhavan or his farmhouse most of the time and is not accessible even to his ministers and MLAs, let alone common people, is talking about setting up a national party.

There are many historical reasons and blunders committed by Congress and TDP, which resulted in TRS winning the recent Assembly polls.

But now, KCR has become so over-confident and arrogant with his victory that he has started talking about ruling India, while the fact remains that he is a person who is confined only to Telangana and does not command the respect of any other regional party or leader.

Who will believe KCR's national party when his Federal Front vanished within a year of its announcement?



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