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Participate in ATA Vedukalu Cultural Programs in Hyd

Participate in ATA Vedukalu Cultural Programs in Hyd

American Telugu Association (ATA) mission is to promote literary, cultural, educational, religious, social, economic, health and community activities, exchange programs for students, scientists, and professionals of Telugu origin within United States of America , India and world wide.

About 15 years back ATA started conducting ATA Roju/ATA Vedukalu programs in combined Andhra Pradesh India.

ATA Vedukalu provided an opportunity to carryout various philanthropic programs , to provide an opportunity to Telugu speaking people to show case their talent to recognize talented people in various fields. 

ATA Vedukalu program includes many Charitable activities like scholarships to needy students, health camps, Eye camps, Clean drinking water projects, helping schools by donating furniture, building class rooms, and building toilets and digital class rooms etc. Additionally, ATA conducts seminars in various fields like business, education, and the continuing of medical education across Telugu states. Typically ATA Seva days will be ended with Gran Finale Program.

This year ATA Seva days starting from December 1st to December 23rd. This year's Grand Finale program is scheduled  on December 23rd,2017 at Shilpa Kala Vedika in Madhapur, Hyderabad. 

The Grand Finale typically consists of cultural programs which includes participation from India and USA as well. This is a great opportunity for kids born and raised in the USA to showcase their talents to the people back home and to their extended families. 

We want to highly encourage families to take this opportunity to show case their kids talents which they learned here in USA for many years. We sincerely request you to express your interest to participate in ATA Vedukalu program.

For more details please  contact Madhavi Sunkireddy, Cultural Chair, at (479)426-2888or by e-mail by November 15th, 2017.

- Each Performance is limited to 6 minutes time slot on stage includes setup, performance and teardown 
- Participants age should be 8 and above 
- Must be group performance number of participants minimum 5.
- Repeated Performance will not be allowed 
- Audio/Video tracks cannot exceed 6 minutes.
- All the performances will be reviewed and shortlisted. 

Group Performance:
Performance Name :
Number of Participants:

Name of Participant: 
Parent Name: 
Phone number: 
Email id:

For any additional questions please contact Madhavi Sunkireddy @ (479)426-2888 or e-mail



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