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Opinion: Political Equations In 'Padma' Awards

Opinion: Political Equations In 'Padma' Awards

The BJP-led government under the leadership of Narendra Modi, from many years, has revolutionized the process of awarding 'Padma' awards, breaking away from age-old practices. 

Previously, these awards were distributed based on influence, political affiliations, and interests, leading to many undeserving film stars and politicians receiving them. However, under Narendra Modi's leadership, this trend has changed, with 90% of the awards now being bestowed upon the most deserving individuals across various sectors. It is heartening to witness unsung heroes finally receiving recognition, which has the potential to inspire many and reflects positively on the nation internationally.

Despite these positive changes, there is a remaining 10% of awards given for political reasons. Some film stars and politicians receive these awards without apparent justification. One notable omission is Sonu Sood, who played a significant role as a 'Covid Time Hero' but did not receive a 'Padma' award. Such oversights diminish the government's credibility. 

The government should strive to ensure all such awards are granted to deserving individuals without succumbing to political pressures, as it affects the government's integrity.

It is noteworthy that the Central government now independently manages the selection process without relying on state governments for recommendations. 

However, a few 'Padma' awards have been given to individuals owning large tracts of land in the name of trusts or nearly retired Bollywood actors.

Speculation suggests that the Central Government might have conferred these awards to certain individuals solely to appease specific communities that could potentially pose challenges due to political dynamics in their respective states, especially with elections approaching. Others contend that the awards are bestowed with the expectation of securing star campaigners for the upcoming elections.

There is also an ongoing speculation on social media regarding the Bharat Ratna award given this year, suggesting a political agenda aimed at dethroning the government in Bihar. These discussions raise concerns about the political motives behind the Central Government's award distribution system.

Moving forward, it is essential to ensure that 'Padma' awards are exclusively reserved for the most deserving, unknown, and unsung heroes of the nation, free from any political interference or biases.

Usha Chowdhary


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