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Opinion: PK- From 'Strategist' To 'Paid Influencer'!

Opinion: PK- From 'Strategist' To 'Paid Influencer'!

Prashant Kishor has suddenly become a laughing stock across India, as the nation realizes that he is worth nothing more than simply riding the waves of different political parties he works for. Right now, he is deserted by almost all the parties and has started his own party in Bihar, but is struggling to make any impact.

While he is unable to determine the future of his own party, he is giving the impression that he is capable of shaping the future of other parties. 

Just before the election, he is expressing his opinions, such as stating that Jagan Mohan Reddy won't win the upcoming election. It would be more acceptable if he conducted a proper grassroots survey to reach such a conclusion. He himself admits that it's just his opinion. If he gives such opinions without substantial evidence, he invites criticism that he has become a paid influencer rather than a strategist.

Moreover, Prashant Kishor previously worked with YSRCP for a while before leaving. He appears to lack the ethical commitment to stand by certain values. Simply undermining his former client with opinions paints him as more deceitful than respectable.

Prashant Kishor also predicts that BJP would win 300-400 seats. Is that a prediction? Anyone can see the gap between 300 and 400 seats. PK's predictions seem to rely more on intuition than solid analysis. It's fair to say that PK is among the most unreliable figures in Indian politics this season.

Recently, he claimed that BRS would emerge victorious and KCR would be re-elected as CM. He also suggested that Congress would win in Chhattisgarh. However, we have seen how inaccurate his predictions are! 

Now PK implies that BJP would stand in either 1st or 2nd place in Telangana LS election. That's the heights of comedy. Even a school kid would say that. When BRS has lost its sheen, the only opponents are Congress and BJP in the state now. So it is obvious to see BJP in 1st or 2nd position. Should a so-called strategist give his predcition for this?

While seasoned surveys based on grassroots opinions present a different picture, Prashant Kishor is making statements from his drawing room under the guise of opinions. Unfortunately, there is a section of the media that credits his opinions without applying common sense. It's a regrettable situation.

The media channels those give importance to this kind of political comedians should be blamed. 

Madhunandan Akkishetty


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