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Opinion: People Who Bring Disgrace To Telugu Community

Opinion: People Who Bring Disgrace To Telugu Community

Some Telugu individuals residing in the USA are bringing disgrace to the community through their reprehensible actions. We have witnessed how student mobs created chaos in movie theaters during the release of films like Balakrishna's "Veera Simha Reddy" or Chiranjeevi's "Waltair Veerayya" in the USA. But who is behind these mobs? They are caste fanatics who gather and manipulate students for their own purposes. So, what motivates them? The answer lies in their twisted caste-based sentiments. They invest money in these activities to fulfill their desires and, in turn, seek the attention of their respective heroes and their offices.

But what do these individuals actually do in the USA? They are job consultants who exploit vendors' weaknesses by offering them temptations such as alcohol, women, and wealth. Furthermore, they manipulate these vendors into working in their favor when it comes to job-seeking resumes. They have mastered the art of deception, earning money through immoral acts and using a portion of it to fuel caste fanaticism in the USA.

Their activities also involve fabricating fake resumes for job seekers and arranging proxy interviews for a hefty price. In doing so, these fraudsters deceive companies in the USA. They have no fear of getting caught, as they believe that only a small percentage, around 10 out of 100, face consequences. Even if they are caught, they are prepared to spend a few years in prison, as they calculate that the illicit earnings they accumulate outweigh the discomfort of incarceration.

Engaging in illegal practices to amass wealth and maintaining a group of youngsters to create public nuisance within the community has become a disturbing trend among some Telugu individuals in the USA.

Some of these consultants hardly know how to speak proper English, and they don't even maintain an appearance that suits their profession. Their demeanor often makes them appear illiterate, yet each one of them manages to maintain a roster of 100 students under their guidance. They rent a few guest houses to provide accommodation for these students and utilize them accordingly during public gatherings.

It is crucial for students to exercise caution and remain aware of such troublemakers and dangerous individuals. Parents who send their children for higher studies in the USA should be vigilant and educate themselves about these traps. NRIs residing in the USA and leading associations like NATA, TANA, NATS, etc., bear a responsibility to address and handle these wrongdoers before they cause further harm to the overall reputation of the Telugu community.

R Balantrapu, TX


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