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Opinion: Mega Camp - How Different From Others!

Opinion: Mega Camp - How Different From Others!

Mega camp heroes are those who turned out in nearly full force for the election campaigns, primarily because their family member, Pawan Kalyan, is contesting from Pithapuram as MLA.

As family members, they all campaigned within their capacities, which is commendable. Nagababu is already a part of the Janasena party, so he and his wife were naturally aligned with Pawan Kalyan first.

Following suit was Varun Tej, the son of Nagababu, who joined the campaign in Pithapuram. Sai Dharam Tej and Varun Tej also contributed their efforts. However, there was anticipation and discussion about when Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, and Chiranjeevi would participate in the campaign.

Chiranjeevi initially released video endorsements for CM Ramesh and Kamineni Srinivas, BJP leaders, without endorsing Pawan Kalyan for some time. Eventually, he backed Pawan by releasing a supportive video byte.

The suspense continued surrounding Ram Charan and Allu Arjun, who are the biggest young stars of the camp.

Ram Charan created a stir by announcing that he was going to Pithapuram to visit the temple with his wife. Was this necessary? He could have openly announced that he was going to Pithapuram to campaign for his "babai". Beating around the bush seemed unnecessary.

Allu Arjun extended his best wishes for Pawan Kalyan via Twitter as a family member and fulfilled his duty. However, he chose to campaign for his friend, Ravi, who is contesting from Nandyal as an MLA on behalf of YCP.

Many were surprised by Allu Arjun's decision, but his explanation was clear and convincing. He stated that he supported Pawan as a family member and campaigned for his friend out of friendship. He implied that he has no party affiliations, only personal relations, which is straight and simple.

Probably, to balance the equation without raising speculation, though not a crowd puller, Allu Aravind, the father of Allu Arjun, participated in Pawan's campaign in Pithapuram, traveling alongside Ram Charan and Chiranjeevi's wife, Surekha.

Ultimately, the mega heroes directly supported BJP, Janasena, and YCP, and indirectly TDP as it is part of Kutami. That's what makes the mega camp unique and different.

However, the highlight is that Chiranjeevi is still officially with the Congress party, but he did not campaign for any Congress candidate. 

Additionally, despite Pawan and Chiranjeevi boasting about their friendship with KTR in Hyderabad, they did not endorse or campaign for any BRS candidate in Telangana. That's the essence of the mega camp, folks.


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