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Opinion: Jagan Should Keep Up YCP's Image In Public

Opinion: Jagan Should Keep Up YCP's Image In Public

Jagan Mohan Reddy is making decisions, but some lack strength. He appears indecisive, changing his own decisions with inconsistent vacillation.

The reasons behind certain decisions remain unclear, as there is a lack of transparency about the individuals providing advice. Concerns arise regarding those offering political guidance, potentially posing as advisers.

For instance, Tirupati MP Maddila Gurumurthy diligently works to establish his presence in his MP constituency. However, he was unexpectedly shifted and declared as the MLA candidate for Satyavedu constituency.

In a surprising turn, Koneti Adimulam, previously considered incompetent there, was announced as the Tirupati MP. Despite Satyavedu not being Gurumurthy's original constituency, he accepted this change.

The decision, however, underwent alterations when Adimulam hinted at shifting loyalties to Chandrababu, signaling his potential move to the TDP.

As a result, Gurumurthy retained his position as MP for Tirupati, while another candidate was identified for Satyavedu. The situation appears chaotic and puzzling.

Similarly, a parallel scenario unfolded with the Kurnool MP. Alur MLA and Minister Gummanuru Jayaram was initially declared as the Kurnool MP.

Jayaram conducted meetings in his constituency and apparently spoke in a threatening way, fueling rumors that he might consider joining Telugu Desam or Congress. Jagan, however, rescinded his decision.

The ambiguity surrounding these developments raises questions. Was the decision altered to accommodate political considerations in the region? Or did Jagan succumb to the threats posed by the disappointed candidates? The public is left pondering how to interpret these events.

Apart from this, the failure of advisors in the Balineni affair highlights the pitfalls in Prakasam district politics, questioning Jagan's leadership. Delayed decisions, as seen in Balineni's case, can result in setbacks for the party.

The closure and reopening of Kumari Aunty Mess in Hyderabad, though non-political and irrelevant to AP politics, was also used by the YCP social media wing in a way to favor Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Initially, when Kumari Aunty's mess was closed by the police, the social media wing of YCP stated that Kumari spoke positively about Jagan Mohan Reddy once, and so Revanth closed the mess. But now, the same social media wing implies that Revanth Reddy was afraid afterward and permitted Kumari to continue her business. How silly is this? Incidents like this take a toll on the party's image.

These incidents underscore the need for a thorough review to rectify the party's reputation and decision-making processes.

Usha Chowdhary


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