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Opinion: Is This Really Required For Chiranjeevi?

Opinion: Is This Really Required For Chiranjeevi?

Chiranjeevi is undoubtedly the most respected actor in the Telugu film industry, with a diverse fan base that admires him in various ways.

Some silently appreciate him, while others openly express their devotion. There are also those who show their fondness for him either to gain favor or applause from fellow fans. Among his admirers is Hyper Aadi, a comedian who gained popularity through Jabardasth.

Referring to an election campaign in 2008, Hyper Aadi made a reckless statement, suggesting that if Chiranjeevi had given a signal, people around him would have tonsured the person who threw an egg at him. This remark showcases Hyper Aadi's thoughtless behavior, as it is unacceptable to incite violence against anyone, especially a voter.

While such statements might be enjoyed by some mindless fans, they would not be appreciated by the rational minds and the legal system.

During the Bhola Shankar pre reelase event where Hyper Aadi praised Chiranjeevi in his unique way, the megastar seemed to enjoy every moment of it. However, Chiranjeevi's excessive display of emotion, such as blushing and clapping, could be seen as displaying a below-average emotional quotient, which is not desirable for a public figure like him.

In contrast, legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth maintain their dignity by staying composed and not openly expressing joy when praised.

The late legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam was also known for his humility when receiving public praise. As a respected Telugu star, Chiranjeevi should project a similar decorum, as people tend to be more critical of such iconic personalities.

Even Allu Aravind, the respected producer, displayed inappropriate behavior by bringing up the topic of Jeevitha and Rajasekhar in an unsavory manner.

Chiranjeevi, known for his decency and dignity as the 'andarivaadu,' needs to be cautious about how he presents himself in public. Encouraging praisers like Hyper Aadi may not elevate his image but rather keep him down.

Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, and Allu Aravind sometimes get carried away by the applause and cheers of their devoted fans but neglect the feelings of the majority, which reflects poorly on their ability to connect with the broader population. They feel that their fans is the entire world, that's their foolishenss. 

Usha Chowdhary


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