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Opinion: How Can TDP Support Internet Terrorists?

Opinion: How Can TDP Support Internet Terrorists?

A TDP worker by name Bobburi Vengalrao Chowdhary is known for his fake videos with unparliamentary language against YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in the most objectionable manner. 

In a video he mentioned that YS Jagan is suffering from a rare disease and spending Rs 10 Cr per month. In another video he mentioned another nonsense. The thumbnails he keeps for his videos are always filled with nasty cusswords.

What name can be given to a person doing these activities? I would like to name him an 'Internet Terrorist'. His channel is 'Gharshana' and he continues to release these fake news videos regularly.

As he is polluting the social media by going beyond the boundaries of decency, the police arrested him and taken into custody.

Surprisingly the mainstream media channels like ABN and TV5 have been lamenting that this arrest is attack on journalism and freedom of speech.

In the first place Vengalrao is not any journalist. If he is, he is not abiding by the basic principles of journalism. If he is not a journalist, then he can be called a nuisance monger.

YSRCP government disowned such channels and so-called party lovers like Punch Parbhakar. They never backed him in any form.

But TDP is giving huge support to Vengalrao for his misdeeds. They say that he shouldn't be arrested. Then why did they demand for the arrest of Punch Prabhakar?

On a whole, the encouragement from mainstream TDP's media  is the reason for seeing too many internet terrorists in TDP. Yes, if there is one Punch Prabhakar attacking TDP, there are 10 Vengalraos attacking YSRCP.

Encouragement of TDP and its allied media for unhealthy atmosphere in social media is the main reason for this nuisance.

Usha Chowdhary


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