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Opinion: Cheers To Elon Musk's New Twitter Rules

Opinion: Cheers To Elon Musk's New Twitter Rules

Ever since Elon Musk took over the social media platform Twitter, there has been a big hue and cry among a section of netizens. Some twittizens are worried about the US$8 per month charge to continue with the blue tick. They lament it is inhuman much to the amusement of those who don't have a blue tick. 

Well, when Elon Musk owns it, he sets the rules. But what he does is perfectly alright for various reasons. He has the tool in his hand to control social nuisance. 

We know there are innumerable fake twitter IDs through which the social abuse, streaming of illicit videos, spreading of communal hatred, abusing of women in the field of entertainment and anonymous verbal attacks have been happening across the world and to a degree more in India. 

Elon Musk shouldn't stop at charging for the blue tick but as rightly heard, he should charge some amount from every twitter user. Those who need a twitter account should attach their credit card to their account. By doing so, the identity of every user gets under track so that the fake IDs and anonymous attacks can be stopped. By doing this, Elon Musk can contribute towards the social harmony and peace of minds. 

There are many fake twitter IDs from the side of various political parties, film heroes and anti-fan groups in India. They have been used either to attack the opponents or to show some fake following for the film heroes. 

Apart from this, there are some users who are earning money by doing some tweets, endorsing different products and services. Some popular cricketers and film celebrities are earning crores of rupees using this platform. Why shouldn't they leave a reasonable share to twitter? Musk should think about them as well. Twitter has become a big earning source for many of the users. So, whoever wishes to endorse some products on twitter, need to enroll with the twitter management. The endorsed amount should come into the account of twitter and a percentage of it has to be credited to the endorser. 

There may be sporadic threats from some celebrities stating that they would quit twitter if the fake IDs are removed and if the endorsements are changed. But nothing to be bothered. Working with twitter in an organized manner brings better results. They learn in the process in spite of initial resistance. 

One should understand that nothing comes for free. Elon Musk has to be put every genuine user of twitter in order and the rest should be kicked out. Then the virtual world of twitter sings in harmony with the real.

Kiran Sharma


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