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Opinion: Chandrababu's Blind Belief On Two Inefficient Men

Opinion: Chandrababu's Blind Belief On Two Inefficient Men

It appears that Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan are reciting the same lines provided by a common writer. This is evident from the fact that Pawan Kalyan referred to Roja as 'Diamond Papa' in the past, and Lokesh used the same expression during his padayatra. 

Additionally, the tweets posted by both Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan have a strikingly similar tone, which suggests that they are using the same language with a hint of 'yellow spice'.

However, it's important to note that the art of copying is not as straightforward as it may seem. There's a fine line between imitation and copying, and it requires a certain level of skill to execute it successfully without exposing oneself. 

In this case, both Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan appear to have ignored this fundamental principle, leaving themselves vulnerable to criticism and scrutiny.

Furthermore, Pawan is exposing himself miserably as a sycophant to CBN. If CBN commands Pawan to 'stand', he will. If CBN instructs him to 'sit,' he will obey. If CBN commands Pawan to participate in film shoots until his son becomes popular with his padayatra, he will comply. At present, Pawan is busy with his shoots. He couldn't do this all these months since he does not know when CBN will summon him. To prevent any inconvenience to CBN, he has kept his shoots away. However, now that CBN has given him leave, he is preoccupied with shoots.

On the other hand, it is surprising that Chandrababu Naidu, who is believed to be a seasoned politician, is depending on individuals like Pawan and Lokesh, who lack the necessary political acumen and experience. 

It's possible that CBN is struggling to find capable individuals to assist him, leaving him with no other option but to rely on inexperienced individuals like Lokesh and Pawan. Pity!

Kiran Sharma


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