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Only The 'Sentiment' Rules The Nation Or The State

Only The 'Sentiment' Rules The Nation Or The State

BJP at the Center is ruling with 'Hindu Sentiment', TRS in Telangana is ruling with 'Regional and Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai Sentiment' while YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh is ruling with 'Anti Kamma-Rule Sentiment'.

What's this 'Sentiment Drama'? Don't the people vote for welfare and development? Do they succumb for 'sentiment'?  

Before getting into expanding this, we need to understand what has been happening in this nation and how certain gamechangers have been impacting the psyche of voters in this nation. 

Let us rewind point by point. 

Gone are those days when the people used to die of starvation. It is clearly evident, as there was no such news published in any daily for quite long time. We have a good number of religious hubs, NGOs and Individuals who serve food for free on a daily basis. We also see some government schemes of the same. There are a good number of orphanages, Foundations and Charitable Organizations that take care of the basic needs of the deserted.  Even the beggars at some traffic signals in Indian cities many times prefer money to food. Above all, India is the biggest food bowl where there are no signs of food crisis in any corner. Everyone in India could be able to eat the vegetable of his or choice available in the markets. Even the poorest of the poor has something to eat to quench hunger. India could send the food in cargos in the neighboring Sri Lanka in the recent food crisis of that nation. That way, there has been no reason to question the governments in this matter these days as there has been no shortage of food and no deaths reporting due to starving. 

Then comes the unemployment. We used to see the unemployment woes of youngsters in 1970s and 80s. The situation was spread to some time in 90s as well. They used to question the government to release notifications. There used to be a big waiting for a weekly tabloid 'Employment News' on every Thursday/ Friday. The youth used to blame the government for not providing them the employment. Some youngsters used to join the Naxal Movement out of frustration. 

But how many youngsters are blaming the government for unemployment today? In the first place, with the privatization and globalization every youngster with basic talent or workmanship is getting a job to live. Some are getting recommended and finding placements after a wait. The youngsters are not blaming the government but blaming themselves for not getting an employment. The Naxal Movement also has gone obsolete with rise in employment in private sector. Of course, it was the Central Government in 1990s that opened the doors for privatization which proves to be the game changing decision now. Only a few youngsters who wish to do only the government jobs for their own reasons may kill time awaiting notifications and blame the system for not giving them the employment. But they are very small in number when compared to the rest of the youth. 

Then comes the most crucial aspect of Health. Today every middle class and the poor people also has the privilege to get admitted into any private hospital to get the treatment done just by showing the government issued health card.  

That way, the people stopped questioning the government with regard to food,  unemployment and health. 

What's remaining is the infrastructure like roads. 

With the decision of the Central Government in the past, the National Highways were widened and built in international standards. Eventually the Airports were improved drastically. Now the focus of the present Central Government is on the revamping of Railways. Every Indian standard is aiming at standing on par with that of any developed nation. 

If the prediction goes correct, the next step of the Central Government would be taking over all state highways and developing at their own cost, there by slashing the amount given to the states through the collection of GST and other taxes. If not this, there would a PPP (public Private Partnership) model in accomplishing this task but completely in the aegis of Central Government. Almost every state government would invite this as it wouldn't burden its time and treasure. 

If the state highways and internal roads also get corrected and maintained well, then there wouldn't be any more reason for the people to criticize the government with regard to welfare and development. Freebies do continue, be it any government. Roads and Infrastructure will be maintained automatically. No government can dare to reduce the taxes as it consumes a lot of fuel to run this hefty nation. 

Then, the only game that runs is the 'sentiment'. Like the 'reds' and 'blues' in the USA, even India will see the election only in the 'sentiment' but nothing else. Like Democrats and Republics in the USA, the India will have Religious and Secular sentiments. People tend to vote only for 'sentiment' but not for the welfare and development. 

Coming back to the topic, Narendra Modi's government continues to rule the nation as long as it successfully imbibes the 'religious sentiment' throughout the nation.

In the state of Telangana, TRS continues to rule as long as it stands successful in combating BJP's Hindutva sentiment with its 'regional sentiment'. 

Coming to AP, YS Jagan is also working on the similar motto of 'Anti Kamma-Rule sentiment'. He is going to extremes in cornering the party and the community that has been backing it up by polarizing all the Anti-TDP mindsets. With this he proved successful in 2019 general elections and the subsequent local body elections. Next in line for the test is 2024 General Elections. If he wins again with the same model, the saga continues. 

Kiran Sharma


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