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Breakup To Chiranjeevi: Annayya! Good Bye

Breakup To Chiranjeevi: Annayya! Good Bye

Dear Annayya,

I've been a fan of yours for decades, admiring not only your talent but also your personality and character. On many occasions, I've staunchly defended you against criticisms from my friends. Even when you faced defeat in the 2009 elections and merged PRP with Congress, I stood by you without any resentment. However, lately, I find myself unable to justify some of your recent actions to my friends.

When you received the Padma Vibhushan, I celebrated with joy. I was part of an event held for you in this regard. However, some colleagues claimed that the award was a result of lobbying by CM Ramesh. I vehemently denied it, asserting that it was your talent that earned you the honor.

But then, seeing you endorse CM Ramesh and Kamineni Srinivas disappointed me. I couldn't understand the connection between you and them. 

When my friends ridiculed me for this, I reluctantly agreed with them, entertaining doubts about the authenticity of your Padma Vibhushan. I doubt you endorsed CM Ramesh as a sign of gratitude for him for lobbying for that award. 

Your recent video supporting Pawan Kalyan lacked depth, further adding to my disappointment. Moreover, my colleagues questioned why, if you knew Pawan came into the industry by compulsion, you didn't collaborate with him on your banner instead of leaving him to cause losses to other producers. I struggled to find a logical response amidst their evident hatred for you.

They also questioned why, if you consider the film industry your family, you didn't condemn the character assassination of anchor Shyamala by Janasena supporters. They argued that your selective empathy only towards Pawan Kalyan's plight undermines your credibility. I couldn't counter their argument effectively.

For years, I've regarded you as more than just a regular human being. However, recent events have caused me to reassess. 

Your seeming indifference to others' pain and your selective empathy for only family members has made me see you as an ordinary person. 

Reconsidering your Rajasekhar-Jeevitha episode from the past, it appears you use your power against those weaker than you. 

Looking at the present video bytes of you, it seems you endorse the politicians only who are richer than you. 

This is an open letter to conclude that I may continue to like you as an actor but will never hold any reverence for you. I don't want to invest time and emotion defending you at my friends. 

It's my breakup letter to you. In fact, I know that it doesn't matter to you at all. I am just a small drop in the ocean of your fans. An ocean remains an ocean even if one drop leaves it. I only wish that you act accordingly, so that more drops in the ocean don't end up breaking up with you like I did. Good bye Annayya! 

Srinivas Akula, USA


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