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Are We The Moral Police For Naresh And Pavitra?

Are We The Moral Police For Naresh And Pavitra?

Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh are from film industry and so they attract attention. But they are also human beings who have several personal issues.

They never preached morals to the society to make them vulnerable for whatever they do. But the TV and Youtube channels have stooped down to make their personal issue a national problem. 

Naresh and Pavitra didnt marry together. Both of them have not taken divorce from their respective spouses. If Naresh's wife Ramya has an issue she may fight in the court of law. The topic is known to all and there is nothing fishy in this matter. 

But as and when Ramya called for media support to catch Naresh and Ramya red handed in a hotel, the media people ran behind her holding cameras. Is this not an act of shame?

As per the law, any man and woman has freedom to live as they like irrespective of marital status. Then how can the media channels act as moral police?

Some youtube channels are stooping down to film Vijayakrishna Towers, the house of Naresh and the other channels are running debates on the present day marital relations. Some psychologists are also dragged into these debates creating a huge mess all over. 

History has seen how the overaction of media killed Diana by intruding into her personal affair. The regional media today is not leaving even the common people.

Recently it has exposed the personal affair of a lady cop much to the disgust of sane minds. Where to stop this? Even the society thats giving huge TRPs to such programs stand out to be the major culprit.


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