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Drug scam: How's media getting interrogation details?

Drug scam: How's media getting interrogation details?

The way Telugu television news channels have been highlighting the ongoing questioning of Tollywood celebrities by the sleuths of Special Investigation Team of the Telangana excise and prohibition enforcement department with regard to their link to drug peddlers is evoking a lot of surprise and shock among the people.

While the interrogation has been going on in a close-door meeting with the celebrities, the TV channels have been giving minute to minute details of the questioning, as if the channel reporters are among the interrogators. 

There is no way the SIT authorities come out from time to time and brief the media about the interrogation details because it is being done only by senior officials. 

All that the authorities are doing is to issue a two paragraph press release after the questioning of the film celebrities.

Yet, the channels have been giving scrolling of news of what is going on inside the four walls. 

For example, the SIT authorities questioned actor Tarun for over 11 hours on Saturday obviously to get the maximum information from him. 

Except that nothing has come out from inside yet, but the media persons have virtually carrying the questions supposedly raised by the SIT authorities, such as why the actor was going to Goa regularly, where was he getting drugs from, his benami investments in pubs and bars and his links with Kelvin etc. 

They virtually declared Tarun as an accused.

So, one can understand the anguish of director Ram Gopal Varma on the over-action of the media. 

Varma said ‘media leaks’ were destroying the reputations of people without any charges or conclusive proof, and that SIT boss Akun Sabharwal should be also morally responsible enough to put an end to media speculations.



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