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Teenager Killed Two- Got Bail In 14 Hours

Teenager Killed Two- Got Bail In 14 Hours

A teenager who is still a minor, speeding at 150 km/h, collided his Porsche with a motorcycle, leading to the tragic deaths of two software engineers.

He is the son of a prominent Pune real estate baron, and was released on bail just 14 hours after the accident. The chilling CCTV footage has rapidly gained attention on social media.

When the Pune police presented the minor in court they requested that he be tried as an adult. However, this request was denied and the court granted bail under the Juvenile Justice Act with certain conditions.

The motorcyclists, a man and a woman, were killed instantly when the high speed Porsche Taycan struck them from behind.

The teenager who is just four months behind of his 18th birthday, had been celebrating his Class 12 results with friends at a bar earlier that day.

Police officers responded to the scene and charged the minor with reckless and negligent driving, endangering life and causing harm under IPC Sections 304A, 279, 337, 338, 427 along with relevant sections of the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Act at Yerwada Police Station in Pune City.

But the netizens are fuming with anger over this and demanding to punish the father of the juvenile who gave give him the car at this age and the owner of the bar that served him liquor. 

However both father and the bar owner were booked under Section 75 and 77 where the former would be punished with Rs 1 lakh fire and a three year imprisonment while the bar owner will have to sit in prison for seven years. But no one knows if these punishments will be given. 

Many on social media are doubting if the justice can be done in the cases where the rich people are involved as convicts.


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