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Samosa Gives Energy To Mamata Benarjee!

Samosa Gives Energy To Mamata Benarjee!

Mamata Benerjee is the hot topic in the entire nation today. She made a historic triumph in West Bengal Elections scoring 215 seats out of 292. The main opponent BJP despite its aggressive campaign had to stop at 74.

The role of Prashant Kishore, who wrote the strategy and implemented on behalf of AITC (All India Trinamool Congress) cannot be ignored. 

Talking to the media after the victory, he shared that this is a "hell" of a campaign for Bengal this time. 

He also leaked in a lighter note that Mamata was not inclined towards long meetings but engaged herself what samosa to eat and what cutlet to try. 

Mamata's love for those two dishes is known to the entire nation today. The hexagenarian Chief Minister holds her chair for the third term. 

Kishore also affirmed that Mamata used to treat him as her political aide but not as a vendor or service provider. 

Sharing about the most frightening moment in the campaign he said that he was afraid when Mamata was hurt during the Nandigram campaign. Finally, she continued her campaign sitting on a wheelchair and grabbed the CM's chair now. 

Prashant Kishore also emphasized twice saying" Snacks are important for her". 

Who knows? He may be hinting for a special branding for the victorious leader. Taking a cue from him, the fast food centers may come up with the brand name like "Mamata Banerjee Samosa Center". That's not a bad idea in fact. The Bengal leader may become a national phenomenon.

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