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YSR's Saying Aptly Reflected

One more farmer committed suicide due to indebtedness in the district of Anantpur. The farmer, Pedda Obulesu, of Yellanuru mandal headquarters village in the district was found in an unconscious state in his farm on Wednesday with a bottle of pesticide lying next to him.

He was rushed to the government hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead. On the other hand, we have CM Naidu in Davos busy wooing investors and thereby trying to convince the people of AP of a dream capital in Amaravathi.

One of YSR’s popular sayings was “ Ammaki annam pettani vaadu, chinammaki vendi gaajulu cheyisthanannadata”.

First take care of the farmers back home, Naidu. You are destroying their lives through forcible acquisition of their lands and through your false promises of loan waiver etc. You are severing the very hands that feed us.



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