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You Are Chief Minister For The Entire State

If a politician says that he will work for the welfare of only those who voted for him, what should we say about him? This is what Chandrababu Naidu said at Polavaram. 

Naidu said that the West Godavari district would be given the first priority in the implementation of any scheme, as the TDP had come to power in the State because it had won all the 15 MLA seats in the district.

That means those districts in which the TDP fared poorly will be given least priority according to Naidu’s statement. This is a completely irresponsible statement from the CM.

He should treat the entire State as one now and focus on equitable development. Prioritizing one area over the other will end up creating another ‘Hyderabad’ kind of zone and it will not be long before another opportunist fellow comes on to the scene in the name of self-respect.

Naidu should remember that he is CM for the entire State, not just the ‘Kammas’ or ‘West Godavari’ district.



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