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YCP Giving New Twist To Vizag MP Seat

YCP Giving New Twist To Vizag MP Seat

The YCP is introducing a significant twist in the matter of the Visakhapatnam MP seat.

The YCP plans to leverage the BC (Backward Classes) card by replacing the current Visakha sitting MP, MVV Satyanarayana.

Their intention is to nominate Vamsi Krishna Srinivas, an MLC from Visakhapatnam, for the MP position.

The BC population in the Visakhapatnam Parliament constituency ranges from seventy to eighty percent.

Historically, there have been no instances of BC candidates being elected as MPs from Visakhapatnam.

Traditionally, Visakhapatnam's MPs have predominantly come from the OC (Open Category) category.

The YCP's objective is to break this trend and disrupt the opposition's strategy by providing representation to BCs in a significant MP position like Visakhapatnam.

MVV Satyanarayana, the current sitting MP from Visakhapatnam, is reportedly considering running for the MLA position in Visakhapatnam East.

The YCP hopes to field MVV as a competitor against TDP leader Velagapudi Ramakrishna Babu, who has secured the MLA seat in Visakhapatnam for three consecutive terms.

If these reports are accurate and the YCP's emphasis on the BC factor becomes evident during the campaign, especially when other parties are primarily nominating OC candidates for the upcoming elections in Visakhapatnam, it is likely to result in a fiercely contested electoral battle in the region.


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