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Winner Of Crocodile Award

Winner Of Crocodile Award

Out of three contestants this year so far, Nannapaneni Rajakumari wins the Crocodile award for hear tears.

The other nominees were Motkupalli Narasimham and Geeta Reedy. So why Rajakumari win the award? Read on to find out:

1. Motkupalli Narasimham cried openly because he was not nominated by the TDP for Rajya Sabha.

2. Geeta Reddy cried openly because she was manhandled when trying to obstruct Kirans deeksa in Delhi.

3. Nannapaneni Rajakumari cried openly when the T Bill was tabled in the legislative council. 

Motkupalli cried for his MP post and Geeta Reddy cried because of the insult to her, even though she was a Minister.

However, Rajakumari gets the Crocodile Award for Best Crocodile Tears because she pretended to cry for a united Andhra Pradesh.

Hence she wins the award by a huge margin.



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