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Will This 'Fighter' Revive Congress?

Will This 'Fighter' Revive Congress?

It is a fact that the Congress Party despite having given Telangana was unable to cash in and allowed KCR to walk away with the votes.

Part of the problem is attributed to Ponnala Lakshmaiah who lacked the skills to lead the Party to electoral success and outwit KCR.

Ponnala’s replacement, Uttam Kumar Reddy is a three time MLA and also served as ‘Housing Minister’ in Kiran Kumar Reddy’s cabinet. But few people are probably aware that Uttam was a former fighter Pilot in the Indian Air Force.

On a reconnaissance mission once, he had flown into enemy territory and suffered serious injuries to his spine when his plane crashed while returning. Luckily for him, he landed on Indian side of the border.

Uttam has also worked as PRO to the President of India before finally coming back home. Now these are impressive credentials indeed! Will this fighter pilot revive the fortunes of the Congress in Telangana at least?



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