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Will Pawan Kalyan Refuse CM Post?

Well... well... well, some stories come out of the blue and make headlines for a while. Looks like this one will be one such news.

The latest story from media supporting TDP is that if Jana Sena Party is voted to power during 2019 elections, then Pawan Kalyan is not keen on becoming the CM.

The story also states that if the party is voted to power, then Pawan will make his brother Chiranjeevi the CM. Since Pawan does not believe in posts, it would be a logical move, the story says.

Further, the story says that Pawan's Jana Sena Party will be forging an alliance with either the Congress party or the Left parties. Already, his brother Chiranjeevi is an MP with the Congress party. So, such an alliance will clear the path for making him the CM, states the story.

Now, it is not clear if the story is being floated to help the prospects of Telugu Desam Party in 2019 or if Pawan Kalyan indeed has such plans.



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