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Why YSRCP Is Trolling Undavalli Sridevi?

Why YSRCP Is Trolling Undavalli Sridevi?

The ruling YSR Congress party had suspended four MLAs for cross-voting, and Dr Undavalli Sridevi, the MLA from Tadikonda, is one of them.

The other three suspended MLAs belong to the dominant Reddy community and all three are from Nellore district.

From the day of their suspension, the YSR Congress party's social media has been targeting Dr Sridevi more than the other three.

What is even more shameful is that Dr Sridevi's two daughters have also been subjected to below-the-belt trolling.

Dr Sridevi is a woman, and there is a certain dignity that should be maintained while commenting on women. Her daughters are too young to be dragged into politics.

Unfortunately, Sridevi and her two daughters are being targeted and trolled in the most irresponsible manner.

The irony is that neither the party leadership nor the social media heads have asked the party members to maintain dignity while trolling the lone woman suspended MLA.

This kind of trolling sends the wrong signals to the people, especially the Dalit sections, on whom the party leadership is counting for its victory.

Dr Sridevi had challenged the party leaders to prove that she had voted for the TDP and had taken money for her vote.

She said she would pay double the amount that she is alleged to have received from the TDP if anyone could prove it.

Instead of trolling Dr Sridevi and her two daughters, the YSR Congress leaders should prove their accusations against her.


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