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Why Should Telugu People Stand By Ramoji Rao?

Why Should Telugu People Stand By Ramoji Rao?

The TDP leaders have launched a new campaign in Andhra Pradesh, asserting that the Telugu people stand by Cherukuri Ramoji Rao of Eenadu and Margadarsi Groups.

As Jagan Mohan Reddy's government exposes the unethical and unlawful activities of Ramoji Rao under the banner of Margadarsi, the TDP has brought a new slogan to the forefront, urging Telugu people to support Ramoji Rao.

It is widely known that Ramoji Rao leveraged political connections to become a prominent businessman in the two Telugu states.

He utilized his Eenadu daily newspaper to deceive Margadarsi depositors and chit fund participants. He diverted Margadarsi funds into various other ventures, including the film industry.

It has been revealed that he used fake names to operate the chits or even appropriated the identities of certain individuals without their knowledge.

Despite these irregularities, Ramoji Rao portrays himself as innocent and seeks public support as the Jagan Mohan Reddy government delves deeper into Margadarsi's activities.

Through his print and electronic media outlets within the Eenadu group, he targets the YSR Congress and its leader, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

However, when the government investigates him for his Margadarsi-related shortcomings, he protests and calls on the public to stand by him.

The question arises: Why should the Telugu people support Ramoji? What has he done for them?

If anyone should stand by Ramoji Rao, it should be the Kammas in the Telugu states, or even those abroad, who might support him.

Let all Kammas unite for Ramoji Rao and address his financial misconduct and fraud. Other people have no stake in his battle against Jagan.

Ramoji Rao criticizes Jagan daily, but when Jagan responds in kind, the media mogul expects everyone to rally behind him.


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