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Why Go To Israel When We Have KCR?

Why Go To Israel When We Have KCR?

Well, sarcasm is the tool that all politicians use to get out what they want to say about each other. So the latest jibe comes from Ponnala targeting the Telangana CM KCR.

Now according to ex PCC chief, there is no better role model and farmer like KCR.

When he has the capacity to make Rs 1 crore out of one acre of land, then what is the need for his sending his MLAs to Israel for the cause of farmers, questions a visibly amused Ponnala.

In the past, KCR had said that he had the capacity to make Rs 1 crore out of every acre of land he owns with drip irrigation methods.

So, hitting out on that statement, Ponnala said that it would have been best if the MLAs were taken to his farm house instead and given hands on training.

Of course, that would save the state a lot of money as such trips cost a lot of money opined Ponnala.

He said an ideal option would be to send a group of farmers to Israel for knowledge gathering as they can come back and share the best practices. Ponnala wondered what purpose would an all-funded trip for MLAs serve.

Well, we would like to know the same.



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