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Whom Does Chiru Vote For In Prez Polls?

Whom Does Chiru Vote For In Prez Polls?

It has been long time since megastar Chiranjeevi was seen in active politics. Though he still has around two years to continue Rajya Sabha member of the Congress party, he has not been very active in the party activities.

He has also not been attending the Rajya Sabha sessions regularly, as he has become busy in films after his return to the Telugu film industry last year.

Now, Chiranjeevi has got an opportunity to come back into news in the political field. In fact, it is a rare honour for him.

His name figures at the top in the voters’ list in the Presidential elections to be held next month. It means, Chiranjeevi will be the first person to exercise his vote to elect the new President, though it is not necessary that he has to be the first voter.

The question is whom does Chiranjeevi vote for in the Presidential elections. Since he is the Congress party MP, he has to ideally vote for the UPA candidate Meira Kumar. But the megastar has no love lost for the Congress party, as it does not have any future in Andhra Pradesh.

There was a talk that he might get closer to the Bharatiya Janata Party after the completion of his Rajya Sabha term. In that case, he would vote for NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind.

Moreover, Meira Kumar played a very key role in the formation of Telangana and hence, Chiranjeevi might not prefer to vote for her.

In any case, the parties are not supposed to issue whip to their respective voters to vote only for a particular candidate in the Presidential elections.

So, Chiranjeevi has the right to choose either Kovind or Meira!



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