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Venkaiah Exit To Change Andhra Politics?

The 'elevation' of former union minister M Venkaiah Naidu to the post of Vice-President of India is expected to change the dynamics of Andhra Pradesh politics.

Political analysts have already started assessing the possible political scenario once Venkaiah becomes the Vice President.

It is an open secret that it was Venkaiah who has brought about the alliance between the Telugu Desam Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2014.

Both the parties were benefitted from the alliance, but the bigger beneficiary was TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu.

Since then, Venkaiah had been the backbone of the TDP government at the Centre. But there has been tremendous pressure on the BJP national leadership that the party has to grow independently in the south and it has to make a beginning in Andhra at some point or the other.

But as far as Venkaiah is in active politics, this is not possible because of his proximity with Naidu and also vested business interests.

Though Venkaiah might not have been offered Vice President post just because he favours the TDP, his departure from active politics will of course embolden the state BJP to make an attempt to grow independently.

Even if they cut off their links with the TDP, they have an alternative in the form of YSR Congress party to forge an alliance in case the BJP doesn’t fare well in the next general election.

The YSRC also has given a clear indication to forge an alliance with the BJP by openly extending support to Venkaiah in the vice president post.

Now that the hurdle in the form of Venkaiah has gone, BJP will focus on AP. Its national president Amit Shah is likely to visit Telangana and AP in September to strengthen the party.

Thus, it is planning to make every effort to emerge as a potential force in AP!



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