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TRS Fought For It, Sonia Gave It!

TRS Fought For It, Sonia Gave It!

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday openly asked Leader of the Opposition in Legislative Council D Srinivas to clarify who fetched statehood to Telangana though it was delivered by benevolent AICC chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

The Council had gone into splits as KCR asked Srinivas to acknowledge the TRS fight for Telangana which was delivered by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi despite many odds.

The Chief Minister today acknowledged that Telangana achieved statehood with generosity of Sonia Gandhi.

He turned tables on the Leader of the Opposition by saying that though the AICC Chief delivered the statehood, it was the TRS which got it through a protracted struggle for 14 years.

“Sonia Gandhi’s bold decision of conceding statehood to Telangana despite many odds will remain in the history and there was no room for qualms or doubt about it”, KCR remarked.

The Chief Minister was replying to some questions posed by Leader of the Opposition D. Srinivas on statehood issue and the TRS should not forget the favor granted by Sonia despite all odds.

Indeed, it was Sonia Gandhi, who delivered statehood while the TRS involved all political parties, youth, students and all sections in the agitation”, KCR stated.

When the Leader of the Opposition said the TRS Government cannot ignore the magnanimity of the AICC chief, who took a daring decision to divide the State and accorded statehood to Telangana, the Chief Minister said, “Iindeed, we are indebted to Sonia Gandhi for her bold decision which should be honored and we welcome it. The entire Telangana people are aware of it and there should not be any doubt and suspicion on this”, he stated.