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Top scribe blames TDP for predicament of AP

Top scribe blames TDP for predicament of AP

The editor of ‘New Indian Express’, Prabhu Chawla responds to questions on various  topic from readers on the website of his newspaper.

One reader from Vizag asked Prabhu Chawla whether the BJP was guilty of having backtracked on its promise of special status to Andhra Pradesh.

To this, Prabhu Chawla responded saying that, “The TDP is an ally of the BJP and part of the NDA. If being an ally of the BJP, it cannot get its due measure from the latter then obviously the problem vests with the TDP and not the BJP.”

If Naidu were to show at least 10% of the zeal and stubbornness that he is showing in acquiring land from farmers, Andhra Pradesh would have got special status by now.

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