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This Is Why Many Reddys Didn't Vote For YCP

This Is Why Many Reddys Didn't Vote For YCP

There is a general opinion and widely accepted belief that the majority of Reddys are always loyal to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and will definitely vote for him, similar to how the majority of Kammas vote for TDP. However, the election results revealed a shocking truth: many Reddys, even in the strongholds of pro-Reddy government hubs, didn't vote for YSRCP this time.

This scenario is clearly evident in the Nellore, Ongole, and Palnadu regions for almost the same reason. Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy in Nellore has a clean image and endearing leadership qualities. When he was upset about some internal issues within the party, Jagan Mohan Reddy didn't work towards completely resolving his concerns. As a result, the Reddys who supported Vemireddy have distanced themselves from YSRCP. 

Same is the case with Magunta Sreenivasulu Reddy of Ongole who has clean and decent image. He is also known for maintaining his decorum without even criticising the opponent leaders for ever. The admirers of him mentally distanced from YSRCP as he was not treated in the way he should be. 

This effect was seen among Reddys through out the state and in several occassionas, there had been a common exclamation, "Why Jagan is doing like this?"

The same is the case with the Palnadu region, where Pinnelli, a strong Reddy leader who won four times, was ignored and replaced with Vidadala Rajini, a non-Reddy leader who jumped from TDP to YSRCP and also enjoyed Ministry for two and half years in the first term of her political win itself. This upset the local Reddys, and they didn't cast their votes for YCP. Many in the region criticized the poor leadership of the party.

This kind of antipathy or coldness has developed among the Reddys of not only these regions, but the effect was seen throughout. 

In addition to this, in Rayalaseema the Reddy community didn't feel valued, as Jagan Mohan Reddy continuously focused on the backward communities.

Generally, the Reddy groups work hard during the elections, voluntarily motivating the people around them to cast their votes. That's the reason even strong leaders like Ketireddy Venkatarami Reddy lost from Dharmavaram to a new candidate who was relatively unknown.

Additionally, many affluent NRI Reddys, who were emotional and supportive of YSRCP during the 2019 elections, didn't participate this time. They had invested significant amounts of their own money to promote the party and mobilize voters in some regions before the elections. However, in the 2024 elections, they were completely absent and didn't even travel from abroad. Their complaint was that they never got an appointment to meet Jagan Mohan Reddy since 2019, despite several attempts due to the close coterie that didn't facilitate an appointment.

"What is the use of investing emotion, energy, and money when we don't even get an appointment to meet the one we admire? So my friends and I kept away. We would have been happy if Jagan had won, but now we feel bad. The situation didn't motivate us to extend our help before the elections, as our efforts in 2019 were not recognized," said an NRI Reddy anonymously.

Furthermore, the village volunteer system, which initially seemed successful, ended up burning bridges between MLAs and the people. There has been no emotional connection or human touch between the party leaders and the people due to the volunteer system, which proved detrimental as a whole.

In a way, while Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan polarized the anti-incumbency votes of all communities knowingly, Jagan Mohan Reddy lost the Reddy votes by splitting them with his wrong decisions, unknowingly.


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