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Telangana TDP Feels It Is Not Out!

It looks like the Telangana Telugu Desam Party feels it might be down but not completely out of the race in Telangana.

It is evident from the way the T-TDP leaders are making statements that the party is going to put up a strong fight in the next elections.

Telangana TDP working president A Revanth Reddy came out with an action plan to strengthen the party.

He said out of 119 assembly seats in Telangana, 100 seats would be given only to youth for the 2019 assembly elections. If the number of assembly seats go up, the percentage of youth will also go up, he said.

He projected that the Telangana TDP would emerge as a young and energetic political party by 2019.  

Calling upon the  youth to get ready for elections in 2019 and strive for strengthening  of TDP, Revanth Reddy said in the coming elections, four crore people of the state would on  one side and the  family members of KCR would be on other side, to fight the elections.

Revanth said KCR had proved that he was a poor administrator, though politically, he might be a shrewd politician.

Alleging that the entire state was in the hands of the KCR family, he said just like the people of the UP had taught a lesson to family rule of SP, the people of Telangana would also deal a firm blow to KCR family.



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