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Sri Reddy Lost Her Game!

Sri Reddy Lost Her Game!

Sri Reddy who created sensation with her protests against casting couch is now suddenly off the radar.

TV Channels who made her popular are now scared to bring her to discussions. She is now updating series of posts on Facebook and much of them appear as if they are not written by her as they are quite different from her usual style.

All her posts show her desperation now. That no one is discussing about her on TV seems to have made her restless as she stopped talking about casting couch, the real issue, and has started talking more like a politician. Of course, her posts are not being taken seriously.

Sri Reddy hit the headlines when she protested semi-naked and won great sympathy and also her fight against casting couch received wide support.

The cause is real and all stood behind her. However, later she left the cause and started drama on TV channels.

The channels also started using her for TRPs as well as to malign certain persons as alleged by Pawan Kalyan.

When she started abusing everyone and speaking objectionable language, talking less about casting couch and using the issue to uplift her personal image, people left her. With the entry of Ram Gopal Varma into the issue, she lost the game.

Ever since Pawan Kalyan rightly aimed his guns at “yellow” (journalism) media houses, the channels have turned defensive and have stopped telecasting her Facebook posts and have entirely stopped Sri Reddy’s discussions.

Realizing that she is not getting coverage on TV channels, Sri Reddy now says that she would stop criticizing persons and would take up her protest again.

Both the Telangana government and Tollywood industry have already formed a committee to deal with sexual harassment cases and other measures are being taken.

Now it remains to be seen if women's organisations and NGOs will take up her cause.



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