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SPYder Delays Burn a Big Hole in Maker's Pockets

Spyder, the most anticipated movie of the season turned out to be a damp squib at the ticket windows.

Despite having Superstar Mahesh as the lead and Super director Murugadoss at the helm, Spyder failed to strike a chord with the film lovers and fans.

Murugadoss’s experiment to showcase Superstar Mahesh in a commoner role backfired and the psycho killer thriller film lacked the bite to stay put at the box office.

Spyder is going to be a huge flop in both Telugu and Tamil because of the high costs it was sold for.

Spyder is one of the costliest films ever to be made on South Indian screen. It cost more than Rs. 120 crore for its producers. Only the interest rates on finances cost an additional Rs. 16 crore, said sources.

Spyder was actually planned for release in summer, but made it to theaters on Sep 27. These delays left a huge hole in the maker’s pockets as they took crores of rupees from the financiers.

The delay was mainly because of the visual effects work and despite the time and money spent, the VFX in Spyder looked cartoonish. This is a proof that spending money and time alone wouldn’t make VFX rich movies like Baahubali and Robo.



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