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Sonia Irritated With T-Congress Leaders!

Sonia Irritated With T-Congress Leaders!

Of late, Congress president Sonia Gandhi is feeling irritated on seeing party leaders from Telangana. She is refusing appointment for them.

And her son Rahul Gandhi, too, is not willing to see their faces at all. Apparently, both Sonia and Rahul are thoroughly disappointed with the performance of the Telangana Congress leaders, who are not able to infuse any life into the party despite the fact that the popularity graph of Telanana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is going down steeply with every passing day.

Sources said Sonia has got the reports that the present Telangana Congress leaders lack credibility among the people. 

Though there is a demand from the party cadre to change the PCC chief, she is not entertaining the same because she and Rahul feel that in the present circumstances, Uttam Kumar Reddy is the best choice among the others.

Well, the party needs a miracle to get back into power in 2019!



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