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Sardar Doesn't Deserve This Criticism

Academician and champion of Dalit rights, Kanchi Ilaiah is no stranger to controversy. He has had his tiffs with right wing organizations by being at the forefront of activities like organizing beef festivals in Osmania University and through articles and columns of his.

Participating in a discussion organized by the ‘Times of India’, Kanchi Ilaiah said that had Sardar Vallabhai Patel become the PM of India, India would have gone on the lines of Pakistan.

“He (Patel) wouldn't have allowed Ambedkar to write the Constitution. He was close to Hindu Mahasabha... Believers of Manusmriti would've written it. We would've gone on the lines of Pakistan...our democracy would have collapsed. But for the first 17 years...India would've been Pakistan,” Ilaiah said.

Integration of 550 princely states into India is no mean feat and it was achieved by Sardar Patel. Hyderabad, which Mr. Ilaiah calls a home, would have become a part of Pakistan or an independent nation but for Sardar Patel (Much to Kavitha’s chagrin). 

On the other hand, the Kashmir problem and China conflicts, thanks to the leadership of Nehru continue to rankle the nation even today.

Had there been no Sardar Patel, we wouldn’t have needed to draft a constitution in the first place for there would have been no Indian nation at all. If only people thought twice before voicing their opinions on one of the greatest sons of Mother India.



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