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Roja, A Big Entertainer In Assembly!

Glamorous actress-turned-YSR Congress party MLA R Roja is now a star attraction in the lobbies of the Assembly, not just of Andhra Pradesh, but also of Telangana.

The hungama created by Roja and her aggressive gestures and comments against ruling Telugu Desam Party legislators in the AP Assembly the other day has made her instantly popular.

So much so, that even MLAs from Telangana Assembly are said to be coming to AP Assembly to witness Roja’s antics in the House. Some of the MLAs from Telangana are learnt to have obtained gallery passes to view the proceedings of AP Assembly only for the sake of Roja.

For media persons, too, who always look for some “masala” news, Roja is providing a lot of fodder. Her “rape” comments have now become a hot topic among the media. However, her own party MLAs are of the view that Roja is doing more damage than good to the party, because her comments have not gone down well into the people.

Moreover, some of the MLAs are not happy with the way YS Jagamohan Reddy is pampering Roja and encouraging her to create ugly scenes in the House. In any case, Roja is now the talk of the town!



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