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Ramoji To Wind Up Magazines?

Ramoji To Wind Up Magazines?

Media circles in Hyderabad are agog with the talk that Eenadu group chairman Ch Ramoji Rao has decided to wind up the most popular magazines of the group, including Chatura which publishes Telugu novels, Vipula which comprises collection of interesting Telugu stories and also Telugu translations of other language stories and Sitara, the most popular Telugu film magazine.

It is not exactly winding up the magazine completely, but they would be confined only to digital versions. So, there will be no more printing of these magazines.

Apparently, the print versions are not commercially successful and at the same time, Ramoji has realised that generations have changed and it is now time to shift to digital versions, rather than the print.

Normally, it is not Ramoji’s blood to wind up any venture once he starts it. He does not believe in instant success, but has the patience to wait till the venture starts making profits.

However, he quickly tunes himself to the changing habits of the people and once he feels that the people no longer accept a particular product, he does not hesitate to wind it up.

He has done it with News Time English daily, which he could not produce up to the expectations of the readers.

So was the case with Soma brand soft drinks. He launched the product at a time when the people were not habituated to bottled drinks. With the people not accepting the brand, he wound up the soft drink business.

The same is now happening with the media house. In the present digital era, Ramoji has realised that time is up for print media, especially magazines.

Even popular national magazine India Today itself has cut down its circulation and closed down its regional editions.

Except some magazines like Swati and Navya, many of the magazines including film magazines like Jyothi Chitra and Sivaranjani had to shut their shops, after the advent of electronic media and film—based websites.

So, under these circumstances, Ramoji has no option but to close down his magazines, whose circulation has been gradually coming down.

But since these brands – Chatura, Vipula and Sitara are still popular, he has decided to confine them to digital versions keeping in view the changing reading habits of the people.

It is only a matter of time that the print editions of these popular magazines go into the history of Telugu reading world!

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