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Raju From MP To MLA This Time?

Raju From MP To MLA This Time?

Poosapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju who has shown disinterest in politics sometime back is now showing interest to come back.

He firmly believes that TDP will come to power again in the state. So, he is planning to contest for Assembly this time as per an inside talk. 

He anticipates more comfortable political life in Andhra Pradesh than in Delhi.

He also doubts that BJP comes to power again in the Center and so he cannot play much being a TDP MP there. He feels like serving as state Minister if given a chance again. 

But he wishes to push his daughter Adithi Gajapathiraju to Parliament this time. We have to see how the TDP high command responds to this proposal.

If YCP plays a BC card in this constituency, then TDP will have no choice than giving the ticket to another BC keeping Askhok Gajapathiraju aside.


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