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Rahul did proper homework: What's secret?

Rahul did proper homework: What's secret?

The public meeting addressed by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi at Sangareddy on the eve of Telangana formation day was quite an impressive one.

And surprisingly, Rahul Gandhi spoke with authority on the issues confronting Telangana.

In fact, everybody expected that Rahul’s speech would be dull and boring; and that he would only read out from the text prepared by local Congress leaders.

But surprisingly, Rahul made an extempore speech and raised several key issues concerning the people of Telangana.

Starting with why the Congress had to give separate Telangana state despite being a politically disastrous move to how the Telangana has been held captive in the hands of just one family of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Rahul spoke on a wide variety of issues.

He touched every aspect of Telangana, right from the sacrifices made by students to farmers’ suicides to lack of remunerative prices to forcible land acquisition by the TRS government to benefitting land mafia and contractors in the name of re-designing of projects.

Nowhere in his speech did Rahul make any personal attack on KCR or others, but confined only to the problems of Telangana.

It clearly shows he has made a perfect homework of the issues pertaining to Telangana even before landing in Hyderabad, instead of depending on the papers given by the local Congress leaders.

Sources said a few days ago, Rahul had sent a team of research scholars from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi to Hyderabad to study the conditions in Telangana, feel the public mood and analyse the lapses on the part of the local Congress leaders.

The team made a quick tour of entire Telangana to make a comprehensive study of the issues and presented a report to Rahul Gandhi.

“That helped the Congress vice-president to get a perfect picture of what is going on in Telangana and he could make an effective speech,” sources said.



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