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Radhakrishna Desperate For Naidu Victory!

Radhakrishna Desperate For Naidu Victory!

It is not uncommon to do surveys by political parties and media houses during the elections. Most of these surveys are naturally in favour of the parties which commission the survey and the media houses supporting those parties.

But there is always a timing for conducting the surveys. Andhra Jyothy, promoted by journalist-turned-entrepreneur Vemuri Radhakrishan has done exactly the same on Sunday.

Known for his pro-Telugu Desam Party stand, one cannot expect a better outcome from this survey except favouring the TDP and its president N Chandrababu Naidu.

What is interesting here is that Radhakrishna has claimed to have teamed up with former Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, whose surveys are known to be credible. So, he wanted to make people believe that his survey is authentic.

According to this survey, the TDP will win 110 assembly seats, the YSR Congress party will get 60 seats and Jana Sena Party will end up with the remaining five assembly seats. The BJP and the Congress will draw blank in the state.

The survey, which has many other points, is completely in favour of the TDP. And it is not surprising as Radhakrishna is not expected to project any other outcome than this.

However, the timing of the survey is very important. This is the time when Naidu is going through a tough face.

Having come out of the NDA, he does not have money to complete any of his projects, take up any new welfare schemes and above all, he is facing the threat of being questioned in various CBI cases.

Secondly, YSRC president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy is going great guns as is evident from the tremendous response he is getting for his Praja Sankalpam padayatra.

The intelligence reports also indicated that the padayatra is going to change the fortunes of Jagan. Added to this, there is simultaneous tour by Pawan Kalyan and the chances of both the parties joining hands with one another are quite evident.

So, Naidu wants to convey to the people that he is still strong and has the capabilities to win. And that is reflected in the Andhra Jyothy survey!


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