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Prashant Failed To Garner Media Support To Jagan?

Prashant Failed To Garner Media Support To Jagan?

It has been exactly a month since YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy launched his Praja Sankapla Yatra – a marathon padayatra for 3,000 km spanning over a period of six months, starting from Idupulapaya in Kadapa district to Ichchapuram in Srikalulam.

Ground reports say Jagan has been getting good response from the public, but unfortunately, he has not been getting adequate coverage in any media, except of course in Sakshi, promoted by Jagan himself.

One can accuse the media in Andhra Pradesh of being broadly managed by the ruling Telugu Desam Party, but it is unfair to blame the media alone for the poor coverage of Jagan’s padayatra.

There is definitely a big drawback in the Jagan’s side as well, as it miserably failed to take the other media houses into confidence.

In fact, the blame has to go mostly to Jagan’s political strategist Prashant Kishor and his team members from Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC).

Except sending routine press statements, speech points of Jagan and pictures through WhatsApp and mails to the media, nobody from the team makes any follow-up as to whether they are getting carried.

Most of the media persons do not even look at the messages and delete them, because they are very routine in nature and the team members do not project any interesting element of Jagan’s padayatra.

The team or for that matter the party, has not made any attempt to take the national media or heads of the local media, to join Jagan’s padayatra to give him some decent coverage.

It is learnt, of late, the YSRC has started buying some slots in the popular television channels like TV9 and NTV to cover Jagan’s padayatra whenever he makes a strong statement against the TDP government.

That is why one could notice visuals of Jagan’s padayatra being aired by these channels for a few minutes in the recent past!



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