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Playing With Communities

Playing With Communities

The Manjunatha Commission has been constituted by Chandrababu Naidu to look into the issue of reservations for Kapus.

The commission has a mammoth task ahead of it as it needs to examine hundreds of factors and organize public hearings before arriving at a decision. This will take the better part of three years which means the report will be ready in all probability in time for the 2019 elections. And this is just for the verdict of the Manjunatha Commission.

As of now, the Constitution does not permit reservation for Kapus, so the legal challenge for Naidu will start. Until then, he will probably keep doling out placebo solutions like Kapu corporations and Kapu Bhavans.

In Telangana too, KCR had promised 12% reservation to Muslims. But the Muslims of Telangana and in Hyderabad tend to vote ‘en masse’ and KCR was lucky because he had the support of MIM, a party which can be considered the voice of Muslims in Hyderabad, whether for right or wrong.

It’s high time that political parties are barred from such kinds of promises by the Election Commission for they have the potential to create deep schisms in society.