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PK Advised Jagan On Kapu Quota?

PK Advised Jagan On Kapu Quota?

The statement made by YSR Congress party president and leader of opposition in Andhra Pradesh assembly Y S Jaganmohan Reddy on the most contentious Kapu reservations issue has become a hot political issue across the state.

It is learnt Jagan had made the statement in a calculated manner, after going through its pros and cons.

He also chose Jaggampet, the Kapu dominated area, to make the statement, so as to give clarity on the factual position, rather than emotions and sentiments.

Sources said it was his political strategist Prashant Kishor who had advised Jagan to make his stand clear on Kapu reservations, stating that he did not want to make any promises on the issue which was not in his hands, but in the court of the Centre.

“This will keep Jagan ahead of Naidu in terms of political integrity and conveys the message that he does not want to make false promises for the sake of electoral gains,” sources close to PK team said.

Another important reason that forced Jagan’s to make the statement, according to the PK team was that it would attract other Backward Classes closer to the YSRC.

The BC leaders are angry with the TDP for deciding to provide five per cent reservations to Kapus, as they are vehemently opposing inclusion of Kapus into BC list.

By throwing the ball into the Central court, Jagan can not only wash off his hands on Kapu quota issue, but also attract the OBCs, the PK team told Jagan.

That is precisely why he had made the statement in public.



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