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Pawan-Naidu Meet: Political Brokerage Or For Cause Of Farmers?

Pawan-Naidu Meet: Political Brokerage Or For Cause Of Farmers?

Popular actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan's sudden meet with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday raises eyebrows.

His meeting flared up speculations in political and government circles over whether it was aimed at a  'compromise' with Chandrababu over land acquisition for new capital Amaravati or fight for the cause of farmers who were refusing to handover their agriculture lands for capital city.

However, the fact the AP government arranged a special aircraft from Hyderabad for Pawan Kalyan to reach Vijayawada, that too accompanied by AP health minister Kamineni Srinivas to meet Naidu is being viewed as an attempt to strike a 'political brokerage' between Pawan and Naidu on land acquisition.

If that happens, which would be known only after the meeting, Pawan Kalyan would be termed as another 'political broker' rather than standing for the cause of common people or farmers, who reposed immense faith in their hero. 

It may be recalled that despite AP government procuring about 30,000 acres for Amaravati, it still needs to procure over 1,000 acres but the farmers owning these lands are refusing to part with their lands. This forced AP government to invoke Land Acquisition Act to acquire these lands which is being strongly opposed by these farmers.

Pawan too rallied behind these farmers on more than one occasions forcing the AP government to keep quiet on Land Acquistion Act all these months.

However, in the latest political strategy devised by Naidu, it is learnt that Pawan will be used as a 'mediator' to convince farmers to handover these lands.

Naidu is said to have requested Pawan to convince these farmers even by promising more compensation and better package than what was promised to other farmers.

The responsibility of convincing farmers will be assigned to Pawan and the importance given to this meeting can be guaged from the fact that AP government arranged a special aircraft to airlift Pawan from Hyderabad to Vijayawada.

Besides, it is learnt that Naidu in return would also offer some corporator seats in GHMC limits to Pawan's Jana Sena as part of this deal.

It may be noted that Jana Sena was recently recognised as a political party by Election Commisson, following which Pawan is planning to field his party candidates with the support of  TDP and BJP parties and wants to keep ruling TRS on its toes.

All these 'deals' are expected to come up for discussion in today's Naidu-Pawan meet.

With extensive usage of helicopters by CM Naidu, ministers and officials in AP even to tour in an around Vijaywada, doubts are raised over who will treat AP as a 'revenue deficit state' or a poor state and accord special status or special package to AP.

The situation worsened to such an extent that AP government has now started arranging special flights even to guests like Pawan Kalyan to meet its political needs and obligations.



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